Thank you Rapists


A very different and heart-felt post your way! I will take the liberty of thanking the rapists of the world (not just our country) for:

1. Convincing our parents to shrink our “outing” times. The curfew hours just got earlier than ever.

2. Getting us programmed to look over our shoulders the moment sun has set.

3. Planting an image of a “potential rapist in every man”. Thank you rapists, we will never treat a strange man, however nice he may be otherwise, with either trust or friendliness.

4. Killing our faith in humans, humanity and everything humane.

5. Helping us avoid ALL good things that can happen after the dusk falls. No light shows, no Christmas lit markets, no late night movies, no pubs, no post-dinner strolls…..

6. Making “men” an important part of our survival. Unaccompanied = available for rape, thanks to you!

7. Probably making men ALSO wary of being out with a girl! You never know when they will be thrashed to near death or sometimes, even death for resisting rape!

8. Not being able to trust taxis, autos, company cabs, trains, buses…… are remaining but let’s see. The way your kinds are all pervasive, we’ll soon be wary of boarding flights as well.

9. Ignoring ourselves, always having to consider what a man might do to us if we let our guard down even for a second.

10. Last, but not the least, making us feel thankful for the “mild nature” of “routine eve-teasing”. For making us thank our stars and breathing a sigh of relief thinking, “Thank God, I was ONLY teased today on my way back home in the evening, and not raped”!!!! Thank you for helping us learn to live with our daily dose of humiliation, thinking we haven’t had to face the worst!

Thank you Rapists, for making us feel second grade citizens with no right to decide how we lead our lives and for taking control in your hands for what we do, when we do, what we wear, where we go!

– Pritesh

PS: One of the rare times when I am speechless with rage!!!!!!!!!