Relevance of marriage?

As Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, filed for divorce after 40 years of being married, there was a buzz. A seemingly content marriage (so widely seen throughout Gore’s presidential campaign) which was all goody-goody for the onlookers disintegrated right under their noses and something tipped the scales. Newspapers filled columns, experts gave opinions and psychologists went berserk writing analyses of the phenomenon. Many argued in the favour of marriage and many, against it. Some advocated that marriage is a happy thing and some shot it down as stressful. There was a frenzy in written media and many pertinent questions were raised, one of which caught my attention: “If marriage is so good, why are so many people getting divorced?”.

There have been zillions of articles counting virtues of being married – emotional security, stability, satisfaction, content sex, happier children, less stressful lives etc etc etc. After counting these benefits, it would seem natural that people ought to get married and lead happier and secure lives. The ground reality seems opposite! More and more people are opting for cohabiting or remaining single. More of the married ones are calling it quits (in India itself, the divorce rate has gone up 50% in last 20 years) too… what is happening?

In a traditional context, marriage gave us sex, children, financial security and emotional satisfaction. With time, most of these have been made available outside the institution of marriage. Getting sex outside of the marriage is not something one needs to think too much about. There are plenty of avenues available, paid or unpaid, real or virtual. Children are no longer a benefit either. Lesser number of people want children and it is possible to have them raised with hired help in various forms. Two down for marriage benefits! These days, people are financially secure long before they decide to take the plunge, so lo! Finances are taken care of too. That leaves us with this one last thing: Emotional satisfaction.  Ummm……..tricky one…….

For all practical purposes, it is this pillar that’s sort of holding the institution of marriage now. Married people are happier…….or so say most of the ‘surveys’ and ‘analyses’. But, I came across another ‘survey’ that claims that happy people remain happy after marriage and sad people, sad. Marriage really doesn’t add or take away much from people’s basic nature. Uhm……interesting. The survey goes on to add that people who are happy in their marriage are equally (or nearly equally) likely to be happy being single as well. I am not so sure I agree but I don’t disagree out and out either. Maybe, there is truth to it! Attitude, after all, is a very important aspect to how one treats any event in life.

But where does this put marriage now? Sex, finances and children are more or less taken care of and looks like emotional satisfaction isn’t being altered seriously by marriage either.

So, I throw the discussion open…….what’s your take?


My self-written Destiny….

The echo of a warm Hello
Haunts me to this day
The sounds of merry talk
Lost to death and dismay
A drop fell from the sky
Many palms outstretched
A ruthless tussle ensued
The drop, the winner fetched
With a drop on my palm
And one in my eyes
No more warm hellos
Or teary Good-Byes
Oh! What has become
Of the world, you and me
There is just this “I”
All else is enemy
The little ray of light
Coming from the east
Made me see myself
The cruel, selfish beast
My gentle loving hands
Are no longer alive
Claws, sharp and grim
Are helping me survive
Fighting the ones I loved
A battle for you or me
This darkness is my Fate
My self-written Destiny

– Pritesh (with the help of Sujit)

This poem is inspired by Sujit’s post (, particularly the last part:

A long dark night awaits. A very long, a very dark night. Then, we’ll most probably not have the luxury to exchange pleasantries at cafe. There will no lunch and snacks to go together to, because there will be only so much as only either of us will be able to eat. Not you and me. It’ll be you or me! In those dark times, we may have to avoid each other’s eyes. For it’s hard to look into the eyes of a person you are killing. We will soon be fighting each other. Killing each other. Just like beasts! Because there will soon be so little left to survive on, that we have to reduce ourselves to savage ways even to exist.

Meet you in the battleground. Meet you in the jungle. Meet you in the dark night.”

A little village beyond…..

Green fields stretched, to the horizon and maybe, further too

Such was the tract, grass under the feet, over the head, sky blue


A bridge unfinished, a road undone, a little village beyond it all

Detours in rains, long walks for water, how vividly I still recall


Bare foot children, water from the well, games invented, hurt endured

Swings on branches, rag dolls betrothed, playing doctor, fake ills cured


Milk from the pot, country fairs, eating corn, herding buffaloes

Evening bells, melons from the field, picking cotton, stealing mangoes


My little village beyond, seems like a dream, as if from another age

A memory so alive, a reminiscence,  a little piece of time, caught in a cage


My bird’s flown, wings spread wide, the cage’s broken, once and for all

How lovely it was, its sweet chirps, oh how vividly I still recall…………

Pehle aap

Sometimes, a news article, a small discussion is all it takes to bring out a thought you’d been pondering for a long time. So, when I got a link in my e-mail about women not entitled to/asking for basic hygiene facilities, it just brought to fore my thoughts on the “Pehle Aap” phenomenon I so regularly observe. For instance, here is a conversation that has taken place many a time, my elderly relatives (mostly women) vary but the gist remains the same:

Me: Hi! How are you?

Rel: I’m good. How’re you and your husband?

Me: Ananth’s doing good. Naughty, as always.

Rel: Don’t say that. He is a very good boy.

Me: Naughty doesn’t mean bad.

Rel: It does, treat him with respect, he is your husband. Where is he?

Me: (confused, because I didn’t think naughty = disrespect) He is doing the dishes/gone for laundry/vacuuming.

Rel: What? You make him do the house-work? What are you doing?

Me: I did the cooking, kitchen cleaning, organizing things and besides, it’s not like I’m not helping him at all. We share the house-work.

Rel: That is not a good thing. He’s the man, he ought not to do house-work. ‘Seva’ is your work.

Me: Ummm………….umm…………

Never mind that my husband doesn’t mind it a bit to help me with the work. Never mind that the system for work-distribution we have in place works very well for us and we fill in for each other, whenever necessary. I just got told off for ‘making the man do the house-work’.

If the situation is like this for someone who is in the highest stratum of women’s education, I find it difficult to imagine what it must be like for women who are completely uneducated. In rural India, it is unheard of to see a woman ‘asking’ for her basic rights to anything at all. Even in the richer families in rural India, the women (often weighed down by gold chains around their necks) neither ask for nor are provided the basics of needs. Their ‘quarters’ (believe it or not, most rural parts of India still have a women’s “part of the house”) are often shared by the cattle (as women take care of them), poorly lit and ill-maintained. The better facilities are always saved for “men’s part of the house”. When there comes an educated one (in the villagers’ vocabulary, the ‘rebellious’ one) and asks men the reasons for treating their women so shoddily, the replies often amount to “What do these women need facilities for?”. To say the least, I feel aghast. The horror of it all is often laced with sadness and sympathy for the women. The true horror of it all, however, dawns upon me when I talk to the women though. Their reply is, “This is our life, what can we do?”. The sheer helplessness and fatalistic attitude towards their own conditions of living makes me wonder. When, if at all, will this situation improve so that women can stop saying “Pehle aap” to men and seek at least their basic rights? Do I see a light at the end of the tunnel for these women yet?

Oh, husbands!

When Rita Rudner said “I love being married, it’s so amazing to find that special someone to annoy for the rest of your life”, I found an instant connection with the words! After a long courtship, when I exchanged vows, I knew a roller coaster ride was assured. What I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of fun this would entail……, I am convinced, husbands should be classified as a different species! 😀 Some of my most memorable fun incidents in the short 8 months of marriage should give an insight into this species’ behaviour 😀

1. Cleaning: Though I must say, Ananth is by no yardsticks unclean, the challenge cleaning poses to him is amusing to a degree that I feel like rushing to rescue him from the task! Mops and brooms bring out the most confused part of my husband! A 23 square meter apartment takes him a good one hour to clean and a lot of silence from me afterwards (for I can still see specks of dirt) 😀

2. Cooking: The less I say about it, the better it’d be! 😀 (though I know I’d end up saying a lot!!!!) After marriage, I discovered that “mixed vegetable” is the favourite dish of all men (or should I say, bachelors?). The recipes are hitherto unknown and shall remain so! Once cooking starts, so does a confusion around the kitchen area. Spices can’t be located, ladles go missing and sometimes, I get charcoal for meals! 😀 Asking, “What have you cooked, honey?” is a mistake for the answer is invariably a shrug! And my cooking is almost always passed off as “good”! 😉

3. Organizing: Ah well! The Holy Grail! Irrespective to how logically I organize the house, the husband just can’t see the logic! Spices that are used more often are in front, the rest are behind. Backup spices are on the top shelf, less used dals are at the back……….but well, logic suddenly turns subjective! Once in a month, I’ve to undo Ananth’s doing so that “I” can find the spices again! e.g. Chaat masala is used once in a month, so it’s at the back. Once it’s used by Ananth, it is promoted to the front of the shelf, pushing curry leaves (which I use on alternate days) back and I’ve to go hunting for them once I start cooking! Replacing containers to where they came from doesn’t occur to husbands! 😀 Living off packets of stuff (as opposed to moving them to jars and boxes) comes naturally to them!!!!

4. Shopping: I know, I know! Women are notorious for shopping but well, in our house, the equation is quite the other way round! My way of shopping – Make a list, go to market, tick off things as you buy them, pay the bill, come back home. Ananth’s way of shopping – What’s missing in the house? Milk, Curd, Soy Milk, Fruits? Ok. Go to market, buy the memorized things AND whatever catches his fancy on the way (often things that just happen to be visible!) and come back home! Sometimes, some essentials are forgotten as well! 😀

5. Cosmetics: Oh well, I know we women are supposed to be more educated but a difference between a bath-gel and shampoo doesn’t sound mysterious, does it? 😀 I was to learn the hard way, it DOES! Hand-cream and body lotion are synonymous! Hair oil is used as a face cream + body oil! In my husband’s case, Vaseline serves as everything from dandruff remover (he goes bald and puts Vaseline to get rid of dandruff!) to body lotion to face cream to foot cream! And mind you, ALL this is done with about 0.02 g of Vaseline on his hands! Needless to say, the average life span of his Vaseline bottle is about 5 years! 😀

I could go on and on but well, I have to stop laughing! If I write any more, I may not be in a position to post anything at all! 😀 Such are “Shaadi ke Side Effects” 😀

Baby, come back

You shine and laugh and talk
Eyes glued on you, you enchant
And I stand here, looking
At you, your charms unfold
Your lips, wrapped in colour
Roll out words of beauty
But when it comes to us
They just purse and freeze
Those eyes, glittering and wild
Move from face to face
But when it comes to us
They just glaze and look away
Those fingers you move
As gestures to emphasize
Just move up and signal
That you don’t wish to speak to me
Oh baby, you’re too busy
Being famous, being loved
To know that you’ve ceased loving
Me and everything about us
Move those lips to talk about us
Those eyes to look at us
Those fingers to tell me
That we still are in love
Baby, please come back to me
Shed that glamour and fame
And see the simple love
You and I shared, what seems like a long time ago……………

Passages from Life

A moving finger sometimes goes back

Not to rewrite, but just to reread

Those passages from life that were

Small but never forgettable, perhaps


In the darkest hours, it wasn’t the moon

But the brightness, of the eyes and smile

From a friend’s face that just came over

Knowing, maybe guessing, that all wasn’t well


Rereading those passages brings back

Those times when all stopped

And still, something stirred, a soul

That merged and lifted the palls of gloom


The moving finger retraces the steps

That made a long journey happen

Never losing sight of the dim yet sure

Light at the end to be gained


The finger stops, once or twice

And then, relaxes, for all those times

Were nothing but the links that made

Life what it is today, and will be tomorrow too……..


– Pritesh

The 6th finger……

Raise you thumb and someone you hail,

Raise the index finger and talk in detail,


Raise your middle one and it surely offends,

Raise your ring finger and bachelorhood ends,


Raise your little one and take nature’s call,

But there are some with a 6th one, a do-it-all!


When you raise this, you commit to a PhD,

And the 6th one stays till you get the degree,


A multi-use finger, this one turns out to be,

Does things for you, to many locks, it’s the key


It switches tabs when Professors walk by,

Updates Facebook status, oh-so-quick-and-sly,


Presses “Enter” and matrimonials it submits,

Google talks with all, SciFinder Scholar, it quits,


It clicks and to Coffee Board, it takes you,

Downloads latest software and movies to view,


It does more than all other 5 can do,

Call it a PhD finger, it’ll carry you through


This coveted 6th finger, needs a PhD to be,

So, PhD aspirants, use it well, a degree it’ll guarantee………

No more dragons to slay

Knights in shining armour, valour supreme

Galloping horses, scarred faces, swords gleam

Damsels in distress, they all must salvage

Dragons on doors, a war they must wage

The knights slayed dragons, damsels freed

To marrying the knights, damsels agreed

Comes this day and age, no damsels in distress

The weapons of the knights, all damsels possess

What’d the big boys do, no more dragons to slay

Take an X-Box, a virtual “Knight & Damsel” they play!

– Pritesh

(A really impromptu thing I’ve written after a LONG time! Dedicated to AOE that Ananth keeps playing :D)

Too simple, eh?

Why do you laugh? asked he
It’s refreshing, said me
Why refreshing?, asked he
Just like that, said me

That’s not enough, said he
It is, for me, said me
How can it be?, asked he
It just is, said me

Think more, said he
But why should I?, asked me
Because, you laughed, said he
Does that hurt?, asked me

No, it doesn’t, said he
Then, why worry?, asked me
It’s for some reason, said he
Chill & just laugh, said me

You don’t understand, said he
I don’t need to, said me
Phew, I give up, said he
Good, now laugh, said me 😀

Simplicity is often too simple for most people to understand………this is my tribute to simple joys of life……… dancing in the rain, like making funny faces to make a child laugh, like wanting to wear polka dots frocks to a picnic, like fugdi………….

Colours, spices, bindi and Bollywood………

When I came to Europe, I was struck by the orderliness, discipline, cleanliness, beauty of Europe, but a week down the line, I was home-sick! I still am! But there is something more that happened when I came to Europe. I realized how vast, multi-cultural, diverse and complex India is! And well, also how synonymous India is to Bollywood! 😀

Wherever I go, I meet India enthusiasts and well…… are some that will be etched in my memory forever………

1. University Cycle Repair Shop

I had a minor problem with the chain of my bicycle so I went to University cycle repair shop. The assistant there helped me mount the cycle on the chains and started his work. Two questions about the cycle and then, “I went to see Rab ne bana di jodi, it was fantastic”. I thought I heard him wrong. But he repeated and well, I said a hesitant, ya, it was ok, not so good. And then, “I went to London to watch the premiere of the movie but I didn’t get tickets, so I went to an Indian restaurant, ate and came back”. I was tempted to say, No one in India probably will bother that much! But he was saying it with such passion. Next question, “Is it true that the girl and boy don’t see each other before the marriage?”. Now, this was a trick question. I know in some parts of the country they don’t, but in a large part, this is allowed. My reply was the standard, “You can’t really generalize anything about India, there is a whole spectrum in everything”. Next question, “Do you eat spicy food every day, three times a day?”. Ah well, I didn’t think our food was spicy at all until I tasted food in Eruope! And then, he launched into what movies he has loved. He was a fan of Aamir Khan and Rishi Kapoor. He didn’t like Shammi Kapoor (“he seems like he’s in an epileptic fit”) but he loved Raj Kapoor (I wonder how!!!). He likes Madhuri Dixit’s dance (who doesn’t?) but he thinks Aishwarya Rai is prettier! For 20 minutes flat he spoke effortlessly about Bollywood and struggled in equal measure with my cycle-brakes! 😀 When I was leaving, he said with a very sad expression, “Some day, I want to go to India and I’m sure, I won’t come back”. 🙂

2. Ecohostel Andromeda

My friend stayed in a boat hotel and unfortunately, forgot to hand over the keys while checking out. So, I went to drop the keys to the room. A girl and a boy own the boat hotel and they thanked me profusely for returning the key. I was about to leave but the girl asks me a surprising, “Tell me something about India”. I was a little stumped (I’ve never been able to answer this question, this IS no one answer to this question. If it’s Belgium, you say, it’s the land of chocolates and beers but what do you say about India?). I asked her to be more specific and well, first question: Why do women in India wear that dot on their forehead? Uhmm…….well, I think it’s one of the chakras of Yoga, the seat of wisdom, I think. And she was mighty impressed. Next question: But why do only married women wear it? Uhmm…………I guess they need more wisdom to get the husband up from in front of the TV and help in house-work. She laughed heartily and next question: Why is it red in colour? Ah well, I don’t know frankly. I guess red is the colour of marriage and red bindi signifies marriage. Next question: Do people in India really wear the clothes they show in Bollywood movies? I was tempted to ask, which one have you seen? But I sort of knew the answer already. It must be the “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham” (that’s the one EVERYONE here has seen). And I assured her, such clothes are worn pretty much once in a life-time, on our marriages. Next question: Will your marriage be Bollywood style as well, lots of Music and dance and 200 people dancing with coordinated movements? This time, I couldn’t resist it! I REALLY laughed! After I’d recovered, I immediately thought of Ram, Sathya and Laasya doing a coordinated “Khwaja Mere Khwaja”. And God! I laughed again! I assured her that no one in India does such coordinated dances in the weddings, at least not 200 people and definitely not in most marriages! 😀 After answering a plethora of other questions about spices, sarees, clay-jewellery, child-labour, I finally left. Smiling to myself, I thought, India is so many things!!!!!! As the girl rightly put it, “They should declare India a continent, it’s NOT one country”.

3. On the bus stop in City Centre

One old chirpy woman sat next to me as I waited for a bus to head back home. I had worn the salwar-kurta that day and the woman had been eyeing me with sort of an adoration for some time. She broke the silence eventually and first question: Is that a comfortable dress? I was like, Ya, I think so. Next question: You’re from India? I answered in affirmative. Next question: Why do you wear that dot on your forehead? (Bindi sure is the centre of most curiosity!!!) I explained the chakra theory again. Her remark to that: Indian culture is so rich, we don’t have anything in the name of culture here really. I assured her that there are pros and cons associated with what you call “culture”. She smiled and next question: “Is it true that people are divided in India based on what community their parents belonged to? I said yes, but the trend is changing and people are gradually beginning to open up to the idea of all human beings being equal, at least in my generation. She was so happy hearing this. And she said: I saw a program on TV about India (and the TV here SURE is on an overdrive to educate people about India) and I saw the trains. One man was selling food in train. Is that how it is in India? I answered yes. Somehow, this amused her a great deal. And then,she went on asking about India’s take on spirituality and Nirvana, about Varanasi and death rites. When the bus finally arrived, she left very reluctantly and well, wished me a marriage just like it is in Bollywood! 😀

After I came here, I got to know how much fascination there is about India, the land of bindi, spices, colours and Bollywood………..

Kya tujhko tarkeeb sikhaaoon

मुझको भी तरकीब सिखा कोई यार जुलाहे

अक्सर तुझको देखा है कि ताना बुनते

जब कोई तागा टूट गया या ख़तम हुआ

फिर से बांधके और सिरा कोई जोड़ के उसमें

आगे बुनने लगते हो

तेरे इस ताने में लेकिन, इक भी गाँठ गिरह बुन्तर की

देख नहीं सकता है कोई

मैंने तो एक बार बुना था एक ही रिश्ता

लेकिन उसकी साड़ी गिरहें साफ़ नज़र आती हैं मेरे यार जुलाहे

I have had the audacity to write back to such lovely words from none other than Gulzar Saheb

क्या तुझको तरकीब सिखाऊँ, क्या कह दूं मैं

ताने बाने बुनते बुनते मैंने सीखा

छोटी छोटी गांठें जब जब बांधीं मैंने

उनको अनगिन तानों तले दबाया मैंने

छोटी सी वो गाँठ तो यूँ ही छिप जाती है

सुन्दर तानों बानों के बीच कहीं पर

जब तक तुम न ढूंढो उन गाठों को मन से

बिना गाँठ का दामन ही आएगा सामने

वो कहते हैं न, जो ढूंढोगे वो पाओगे

ये तो बस अपनी अपनी इच्छाओं पर है

गाँठ अगर ढूंढोगे तो फिर गाँठ मिलेगी

कितने ही तानों बानों से उसको ढक लो चाहे

दामन आये हाथ में तो गांठों को छोड़ो

केवल ताने बाने नहीं मिला करते हैं

रेशम की डोरी में गाठें भी, ताने भी

ये तो अपनी नज़र नज़र की बात है यारों

एक गाँठ गर आ जाए रिश्ते में तो क्या

उसके ऊपर बुन दो कई ताने बाने तुम

बस इतना करना की पलट पलट के

उन गांठों को ढूँढने की कोशिश न करना

क्या तुझको तरकीब सिखाऊँ, क्या बोलूँ मैं

ताने बाने बुनते बुनते मैंने सीखा……………………

(Thanks to Sandeep who sent me the prose from Gulzar saheb and planted the idea in my head to write back)

Drawing a Young Girl’s Face

How to Draw a Young Girl’s Face

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
Drawing a little girl’s face is not all that difficult…….you just need a picture and some patience……let me tell you how


  1. Select an image. Put it on a powerpoint slide and make a square grid on it with horizontal row markings with alphabets and vertical column markings with numbers.
  2. Make a similar grid on paper and using the powerpoint slide as a guide, make the outlines of the image
  3. Start with the eyes as eyes are often the defining feature of a sketch
  4. Draw the cheek contours, following the parent image as a guideline
  5. Fill in other details, such as the hair and chin etc.
  6. Complete the hair strands on all sides and correct for shades to make the sketch look three-dimensional


  • Spend sufficient amount of time in making the “backbone” of the sketch (outlines etc). This will make sure that the image doesn’t look disproportionate
  • Check for shades as you progress
  • Use a good sketching pencil set. For most light tones, use HB or 2B pencil. For hair and irises, use 4B or 6B
  • You will not get the sketches looking life-like in one go. So, have patience and keep trying. You’ll improve with time
  • For soft tone areas (like the forehead and cheeks), use cotton of your finger for shading


  • Watch for smudges because of lead powder sticking on your hands as you sketch. Wash your hands intermittently to prevent such accidental smudges

Things You’ll Need

  • A good sketch book. Paper thicker than 200 gsm is recommended
  • A good sketch pencil set (preferably in the range HB to 8B)
  • A good ruler
  • Computer with powerpoint enabled
  • A target image (you may gift such sketches to your family/friends too by making them from their photos)

Article provided by wikiHow, a wiki how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Draw a Young Girl’s Face. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

The best is yet to be


Let’s turn our heads, and leaf through
The book of life, the sketches we drew
The laughter we shared, the talks too
Helped us spring back, and to live anew
Sleepless nights, strolling hand-in-hand
Childhood lores, those coffees unplanned
Scouring the town, late night drives
Stories unlimited, of our past lives
Singing in unison, romantic tunes
Corrected melodies, verbal prunes
Spinning yarns of dreams, you and I
Adding feathers to wings, flying high
A step at a time, the journey has been
Some lessons end, new ones begin
The road ahead, promises and fears
Years more to go, of smiles and tears
Take my hand, let’s walk united
Dark paths ahead, will get lighted
Grow old with me, the best is yet to be
Love’s worth being in, when you’re with me………..

Let’s turn our heads, and leaf through

The book of life, the sketches we drew


The laughter we shared, the talks too

Helped us spring back, and to live anew


Sleepless nights, strolling hand-in-hand

Childhood lores, those coffees unplanned


Scouring the town, late night drives

Stories unlimited, of our past lives


Singing in unison, romantic tunes

Corrected melodies, lyrical prunes


Spinning yarns of dreams, you and I

Adding feathers to wings, flying high


A step at a time, the journey has been

Some lessons end, new ones begin


The road ahead, promises and fears

Years more to go, of smiles and tears


Take my hand, let’s walk united

Dark paths ahead, will get lighted


Grow old with me, the best is yet to be

Love’s worth being in, when you’re with me………..

– Pritesh (dedicated to the most learning period of my life……..last ~ 4 years with Ananth) 🙂

Spring and Fall

Spring came and went, and so did fall

Nothing and no one could stop my crawl

And here I am, alone on this bend

Only one more can join me here, my friend

A friend that needs no words, to read me

No ifs and buts, no begging, no plea

Whose aura fills my days, my soul

The one to complete me, to make me whole, 

The one whom I need and who needs me

My fountain of delight, my source of glee

Just he and I fill all my world

In a bat of an eye, all dreams unfurled

Spring still comes and goes and so does fall

But I no longer need to crawl……..

The credit for this verse goes to Sandeep, who inspired it……it’s a translation of his thoughts stated on:

Let whispers talk

A white expanse, spotless and bright

And a small crack, black as the night

Barren walls and a darkened room

A small lamp, warding off the gloom


It take some white to see a small black

A small lamp to light a dark shack

My soul whispers something to me

Some rapid words, a silent plea


When life screams, whispers fade

Of noise the whispers are afraid

Let silence prevail, for a short while

Let whispers talk, laugh and smile………

Dots on my canvas

In a vast black, stood out those white dots

A hand came out of nowhere and joined two

Then, another and yet another

Before I knew, I was looking at something

Something odd, could be anything at all

A tree, a flower, a beast, an angel, a cup

I know not for I see it from here, far off

Who knows what it really was

Hands kept coming and joining the dots

Until the dots became me, looked like me

Day after day and day after day………


– Pritesh

Lack of Logic: Boon and Bane

Picture this, you’re in a restaurant. A salad arrives, topped with many things……you take a bite off the small beautifully cut red radish and say, Yummm! These radishes are lovely! Moments later, the waiter walks to your table, plate in his hand……full of beautifully cut red radishes! You go Aww……….the waiter smiles and brushes your profuse gratitude aside with a wave of his hand. You leave the restaurant, vowing to come there again whenever time permits because you’re “impressed”. The waiter has something to gain here, possibly. Or maybe, he doesn’t! For what you’re paying, it’s perfectly logical for him to serve what you ordered. Outside it, does it qualify for lack of logic? The voice in our head tells us, he did it because he stood to gain from it.

Now, picture another situation. You’re in a foreign country, you get onto the bus but don’t have enough change to pay for the ticket. Just then,  a lady walks forth, pays the balance and without waiting for a thanks, goes on her way. You may possibly never meet her again in your life, so she stands nothing to gain from paying a small amount for your ticket! This is a neutral situation and it was perfectly logical for her to go about her business without having to bother about a foreigner who didn’t have money enough.

A third situation. There are communal riots and a minority groups family seeks refuge in a majority groups family’s house. Not only does the host family give them refuge, it even tends to the hurt, lies to their friends about their “guests”. It was perfectly logical for this family to refuse shelter to the refugee family as this would mean a threat to their own survival!

Why does it happen that we stray from logic and do things that wouldn’t make sense to a cold-hard-logic-driven-world? And sometimes, even at risk of our own survival? This time, I really am merely posing a question………..though I don’t have an answer, I see the consequences of this ‘deviation from logic’. This makes the world a so much more beautiful place to live in…….full of gestures that touch your heart!

But is all lack of logic in one direction? Now, to the other end of the spectrum……

Picture a society living in harmony. Religion is not a bone of contention at all. And then, a small feud sparks up between two people. One kills the other in a fit of rage and it so happens that the one who died was from a minorty population. It is perfectly logical to treat that situation as a conflict between two people. But no, it sparks communal riots. People who had absolutely nothing to do with either the perpetrator or the victim of the “crime” take to roads. A carnage ensues………people completely unrelated to the event/people suffer and people completely unrelated to the incident go about killing them………

The lack of logic here makes the world a strange place to be in where one never knows when one will be attacked for “happening to be” a certain way! 

Will a perfectly logical world be a better place to live in? Will it be free of the ‘problems’ of an illogical world? Will it also be free of ‘good things’ that an illogical world has?

– Pritesh

When a chemist and a theoretician fall in love

T: Oh dear, my heart says I’m in love with you

C: Oh really? But heart doesn’t speak. It has only blood, whose pH is 7.4

T: Ya, true but my love for you hasn’t decreased a picometre ever since I fell for you

C: Picometre? Is love measured in distance?

T: I don’t know. Maybe, it’s the depth of love in the heart and hence the distance unit

C: But we just established heart doesn’t have love

T: Oh ok, how’s picogram?

C: Makes sense. After all, love is nothing but a chemical “locha” in the mind! 😉 Oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin at work

T: So, picograms final?

C: Oh no no. That’s not a standard. Let’s make it picomoles, that would be IUPAC approved!

T: (looking a little harrassed) Ah ya, I suppose so…….

C: (looking triumphant) Yay! 🙂

And so the chemist and theoretician lived on, together……………..:-)

[PS: IUPAC is International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry] 😀


I invite you all to complete the series of five sentences below:

1. If I had an hour more per day……..

2. If I get a 10% raise in my salary……….

3. If I meet one new person everyday of my life………

4. If I were to die today………..

5. If I had an oppotunity, one skill I would like to acquire…..

So, get going! 🙂

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