Diary of an “Indian Citizen”

Diary of an “Indian Citizen”

1st January 2010: I am at home. Last year, I was in Mysore for work and hit a pub in Bangalore. I danced the night away. But this year onwards, it’s mandatory to pass the spoken Kannada test and obtain a “New Year Celebration” visa to enter the city on 31st December. Damn, I miss “India”. And ya, I’ve to go to Marathi class also today! Multilingual, eh? Huh!

8th January 2010: I’m back home. Am flying tonight to Mumbai for work. It’s annoying to go there. Two weeks prior to my going to Mumbai every time, I have to enroll in these classes to make sure I pass the VISA interview! I no longer know what languages I know and what I don’t!

10th January 2010: Mumbai, the city that rocked once upon a time is unbearable now! I came here in 2008 and they were talking about putting up Marathi signboards. And now? Even the formalities in my Office are in Marathi. People vandalized the office about 3 months ago and that woke the administration up. I hate this imposition! I miss the India where I could travel without having to worry about learning the languages and VISAs for all states! I miss the united India! 😦

22nd March 2010: It’s my Mom’s B’day but I can’t even go to meet her! I forgot to apply for the VISA to return to Uttar Pradesh. After 2 years of residence in Rajasthan, I’ve the residence permit but the residence permit of Uttar Pradesh was taken away! I can only live in one city at a time! I’m sorry Mom! I’ll call you but forgive me, I wish I’d applied for the VISA in time!

3rd July 2010: I’ve such fond memories of the Rock concerts I attended in Delhi two years ago. This year, I won’t be able to go. There are only limited number of VISAs and rock concerts are pretty low on priority! Well, I’ll watch the videos on Youtube, if someone posts them! Shit man, whatever happened to our right to travel and reside freely in the country!

7th September 2010: My loneliest B’day ever! I spent the day working and evening, attending calls. Talked to family on Skype! Applying for VISAs and passing language tests all the time is overwhelming. I prefre to sulk at home than to stand in the never-ending lines for VISAs!

This is what an Indian’s life would become if we tolerate the intolerance towards diversity! The recent developments in Maharashtra and Orissa worry me a great deal! Where is the all famous tolerance for diversity of Indians? Since when has our regional identity started gaining priority over our “Indianness”?



  1. Sujit said,

    September 11, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    Someday in 2011: Pritesh had sent a happy birthday mail to her Mom yesterday. She opens her mailbox, and sees this reply:
    “Aapkaa patra diye gaye patey par nahi pahunch sakaa kyunki yah Hindi me nahi tha.”
    She calls up at the number to wish telephonically. The moment she utters “happy bi…” there’s a beep sound, followed by an automated message: “kripaya Hindi ka prayog karein.”

    😉 😉
    Yes. Trends are indeed worrying. 😦

  2. Kripa said,

    September 11, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    The Word VISA appears 8 times in the text! Thought it would be a different analysis to this text :):):):):)

  3. laasya said,

    September 11, 2008 at 6:05 pm

    Absolutely. Worries me very much, too..its incredible in how many ways we are getting more and more intolerant. language, religion,art,you name it!

  4. Sathya said,

    September 11, 2008 at 7:02 pm

    19th Aug 2008: The Chief Security Officer sent a communique to inform all employees that they need to attach Appendix D (a full itinerary) along with travel requests for those travelling to scheduled countries (India included) for security reasons.

    To hear people fight about language / religion sounds music to those who listen about the fights in Afghanistan. Africa isn’t any better either.

    P.S. You wouldn’t have to give a VISA interview to visit me, they provide visa on-arrival for free (as long as you have a return ticket!). When do you want to celebrate my birthday?

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