The perfect tenner……….

“Do I look pretty?”, Dolly chimed, blowing at her painted nails.

“Oh ya, you do”, John replied trying not to look disinterested.

“Thanks…………..but how pretty? Prettier than Joyce?”, she narrowed her eyes.

“Oh! Why do you have to compare? She has her plusses and you have yours. She’s pretty in a different way and you, in a different way”, he tried desperately to not comment on Joyce’s ‘beauty’.

“I KNOW that you find her prettier. I KNOW you secretly wish that she was your girlfriend, not me. I’m dieting na, I will soon have a figure better than most Hollywood stunners, you just wait and watch”, she was almost on the verge of tears.

“Darling, you don’t NEED a figure like that to have me ogling at you. Can’t you see, I love you, the PERSON, not you, the PERFECT TEN FIGURE?”, he had been through this so many times………………….

Does this sound all too familiar? And no, I’m NOT talking about teenagers wearing rose-tinted glasses. The protagonists of the above conversation are people in their early and late twenties with marriage on their minds.

So, what makes women run after a perfect ten figure? Why the emphasis ends up being on being SLIM and not being FIT?

A lot of things have happened today that have made me think. One: I watched Pyaar ke Side Effects. Two: I watched Dhoom 2 (with all bones and skin Aishwarya and Bipasha). Three: I read this article about ‘trends’ being set by stars and blindly followed by the crowd.

And all this made me wonder, are the women who don’t have these stunning figures (but are FANTASTIC persons otherwise) not worthy of the good-looking (and maybe FANTASTIC nature-wise) guys? Are physical features the ONLY thing that attract? Whatever happens to simplicity of a girl? Whatever happens to a girl with a naughty twinkle in her eyes? Whatever happens to a girl who has a million dollar smile? Whatever happens to the girl who has a heart of gold?………..the list is endless……………

A large fraction of the credit goes to media for projecting BEAUTY in a very distorted light. Only the 36-24-36 with glowing blemishless skins qualify for BEAUTIFUL tag! Coloured hair, painted nails, lipstick laden lips (maybe silicone treated as well), mascaraed eyes, toned skin…………..conjure up an image of a ‘pretty’ girl na?

But do we ever see ANY girl with all these attributes in one around us? At least, I don’t know of any!!!!! So, all these fantastic human-beings are not ‘beautiful’ because the lack those ‘media-defined’ standards beauty? Just because they can’t model for the latest cream in the market doesn’t stop that from being beautiful or loveable!

I hope all those anorexic girls get to read this blog and realize that there’s more to life and beauty than just those figures that look good only on Magazine covers. Come on girls, this is REAL world and real people live here, with real expectations and desires………..FOCUS on being the GOOD human-being you can be!!!!!!



  1. Geetika said,

    January 13, 2007 at 11:41 pm

    Quite true description of what ‘beauty’ means nowadays to the world. Even for the selection of bride, people will be sortlisting so many girls (as if they are out in the market to buy vegetables) and have very silly reasons to reject them such as the girl is fat, not fair etc etc…. they will never see how the groom himself is. They will not judge girls with their attitude or behavior but by their looks.

  2. Ananth said,

    January 14, 2007 at 7:59 am

    Beauty IS an important factor while choosing a mate. It is not just the men who tend to choose beautiful women. The women too tend to choose men with a good built and good looks. I guess this is something we have inherited from our ansestors (the animals). But about your skinny figure notion, you are pretty wrong. Men may like to look at such women and maybe ogle at them, but when it comes to marrying, they usually have a different choice. I read a survey where 70% men prefered well nourished women to the skinny ones. So those without a figure and stuff, its not the end. As for arrange marriages, come one how can someboady judge the nature of a person within a short time? The only thing that they can look for is education and looks…. Especially not too well educated people will only judge their prospective spouses by their looks…

  3. Raman said,

    January 14, 2007 at 11:42 am

    Well … yes, you’re right on the nub of the issue. But I suppose most ‘real’ people know ‘real media’ well enough not to take such anorexic fixaton except with dollops of salt. Well Girls, if it is any consolation, of late there have been reports that this malady of poor self-image among the gullible is also afflicting the males ! (How will she even find out i have this great wit \ personality if i dont qualify first for even a first glance without washboard abs … phew)!! So let us all make common cause of our common misery and ponder on why it is at all necessary to look smaller in life to feel LARGER THAN LIFE !

  4. Neha said,

    January 14, 2007 at 4:25 pm

    I agree with all u guys here, especially Raman. Pritesh, its not like guys dont go thru the same things…. 🙂 as made obvious here by Raman…. The thing that needs to get ensured is that we look at the heart at the end of the day when ur looking for a perfect mate!
    I mean come on, haven’t u ever (maybe silently !) whistled at some hunk who crossed u on the street??? Doesnt mean u want ur husband to look like that ! U want to be able to spend ur lifetime with him…….
    At the same time, anorexic girls definitely put me off!

  5. Vinod Kumar B G said,

    January 14, 2007 at 6:39 pm

    Hey Pritz,
    Nice article…..
    Ananth said it 🙂

  6. karthik said,

    January 15, 2007 at 1:53 pm

    maybe guys who are attracted to girls solely bcos of their looks, don’t deserve better girls 🙂 looks are obviously the most tangible attribute. so for a quick judgement , people often tend to go by looks. the problem is that the judgement made in haste has long term consequences 🙂

  7. Pritesh said,

    January 15, 2007 at 3:20 pm

    Geetu, I agree completely with this bride ‘selection’ malpractices. It is very heart-breaking for the girl (and her family too) when a boy says no for some really really vagur reasons……

    And Ananth, men’s difference in choices with respect to the women they want to merely ‘look’ at and marry does make women confused. If the guy won’t as much as give you a glance when there’s a stunner in the vicinity, the other girls feel compelled to try to look like that ‘stunner’. And hence, the obsession with looks………..

    And Uncle, I know what you mean! This ‘looks’ bug has sure attacked the men as well…….this is plain from how much time (and money and effort) men spend too these days trying to attain that ‘hunk’ look!!!! Why else is there a separate “Fair and Handsome” cream in the market these days? And sells too………

    Ya Neha, but I guess I put forward the example of girls being ogled at by guys as that’s more prominent and visible. Im sure the other way round is true too. The women’s case came in handy as my interaction with this gender (the fairer sex, if you may) is more. ANd I know this side of the story better……….

    I don’t know karthik. Maybe looks ARE the first thing that anyone notices. And what I’m questioning here is the definition of ‘looke’ itself! I’ve seen girls with perfect tenner figures getting priority over girls who have genuinely warm smiles……..THAT is what I’m questioning! Is the ‘looks’ factor restricted only to glowing skin, perfectly aligned teeth, flowing black (or coloured, if you may) hair, stunning figures?? What about glittering eyes, charming smiles????

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