Guys’ dilemma……

Here I am, back, a little bored after my escapade with a migraine and a little bit of experimenting with Art………

And as the mood has changed, I shall sidetrack a little and write a blog about something so well known that I shouldn’t really be writing about it! 😀

Instead of launching onto the write-up, let me narrate an incident (Thanks Girish for allowing me to have your name of the blog)…….

Scene: Health and Glow (Malleswaram)

People on the screen: Me and (a rather haggard) Girish who’s come to buy a shaving cream or some such thing

Me: Hey Girish, come here (calling him from his single minded mission to find a decent (read reasonably priced) shaving cream)……..

Girish: What happened?

Me (with a couple of Revlon lip glosses in my hand): Which one shall I take?

Girish (trying to look confident but failing miserably at it): What IS this?????

Me (thoroughly exasperated): It’s a lip gloss……

Girish (more confused that before): What do you do with it?

Me: It’s a L I P G L O S S Girish…….(spelling it out loud and clear for his benefit)…..

Girish (moving his hand frantically in a brushing teeth manner): Oh, THIS?

Me (more exasperated than before and stressing the motion as the one happening on lips than teeth): L I P G L O S S

Girish:How much is this for?

Me: 91 rupees

Girish: Oh My God!!!!! This is so small!!!!!! And so expensive!!!!!!!!!!1

Me: Leave that to me na……………tell me what colour? (holding a violet, coffee brown, maroon and amber colours ones for him to see)

Girish (trying to sound very knowledgeable): Aren’t girls supposed to be wearing pink colours????????


Girish (trying to sober me down, and showing me his index finger): Lipsticks look like this. My mother has one. How was I to know that this small round button like thing has anything to do with lips!!!

Me (laughing uncontrollably): Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Well, this was a sneak preview into a very very typical scene between a woman and a man who has (let’s say) limited knowledge for the paraphernalia women use (and let me tell you, I’m still on the minimalistic side when it comes to cosmetics!!!!!!!!!)

Now, what a funny thing this is to have SUCH differences between men and women….and trust me, I’m not the first one to write about this. My good friend and coffee partner Sujit has written a rather admirable one about this:

I just felt like penning this incident down for the benefit of those poor unsuspecting things call “ignorant men” who can possibly read this and do a little homework on finding out what these nitty-gritties are related to women……(I’m lucky enough to have found someone who has a cursory idea of colours etc and if not anything else, can give me ideas about what COLOURS to buy!!!!!!)………:D



  1. Rajarshi said,

    October 15, 2006 at 12:34 am

    My GOSH!!….I never thot ur blogs wud prove educative one day..hahaha…keep writing

  2. October 15, 2006 at 12:36 am

    Well, I’m not sure Girish would agree to this!!!!!! But I had an awesome amount of fun looking at the confused expression of Girish……..:D

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