Art is a journey, not a destination!

(Before I start my ramblings, I have to thank Ananth, Sujit, Saptarshi and Emtiyaz who’ve been great critics of my Art and are responsible for the progress I’ve made in sketching. I am beginning to believe, Good Critics play a role of a Good Parent in the growth of Art)

How would you feel about a chef who pays more attention to how a dish is garnished and served on table than how it actually tastes??? Or a teacher who’s more worried about how neatly you write your answers in an exam than WHAT you write for an answer??? Frustrated? Angry? Well, I am one of these kind of people who fuss over the micro picture more than the macro picture, in Art though………….and I have to profusely thank Entiyaz for giving me those proper words, macro and micro, to make me realize where I was going wrong in my sketching! It’s not as if the same thing has not been told to me before! But this is for the first time, Emti was able to point out to me WHAT exactly was wrong!

And before, I have had discussions with Sujit and Ananth about my sketches. And while discussing the Angelina Jolie sketch of mine with Ananth (, this topic came up! What does one look for in an Art Piece? Perfection? Frankly, I WAS looking for perfection! And in my quest for perfection, I lost out on that factor which differentiates Good Art from DAMN GOOD Art……..FEEL of the Art………

When I look at a picture I plan to sketch, what strikes me is the complexity! Complexity of the strokes, complexity of the colours, complexity of the combinations………………..everything else but the FEEL of the Art!!!!! What would the subject be feeling when the picture was drawn? Is the girl in the picture trying to say something? What could she be thinking when the sketch was made? Is she sad? Angry? Pensive? Thoughtful? Excited??????

And I’m not surprised that for a long time, I was losing out on doing good Art as I was working too hard at trying to eliminate the micro-errors! And one can never reach perfection in Art! Because there is NO PERFECTION in something so subjective……………something or the other will always go wrong. Something or the other will always be out of the way to make the Art less than perfect…..and THAT is the beauty of the Art! You can never really reach THE summit! And this goes with what I’ve written about maths and Art! There’s no FINAL in Art! Art is a journey, not a destination! So, I’m trying hard to give up on my quest for perfection and trying to concentrate on the feel! Let me see where I reach!!!!!! Or rather, let me see how enjoyable this journey is!!!!!!!!!!



  1. June 28, 2006 at 12:03 am

    Emt is right regarding the overall feel.
    I would like to add another thought. If it’s not a portrait, won’t the drawing have any feeling? Certainly it will!
    Even a landscape, a cityscape, or a still life has feelings. These feelings don’t often have a name. But the presence of these feelings is very stark. And often the emotions in a drawing (or any piece of art) is not often with reference to the subject that it portrays. It’s also about the impression it creates on the onlooker.
    As budding artists, we should be observant of the relation between art-pieces and the related emotions.

    Rather than identifying emotions in drawings, it’s perhaps better to identify drawings in your emotions! 🙂 Now, you could give that sentence some thought. 😀

  2. Pritesh said,

    June 28, 2006 at 2:41 am

    Hmmm………great thought to end the comment with. True, the feel of the Art is not only in what the object of Art is feeling but also what it makes the onlooker feel. I think I completely agree with this one! But I still find it doffocult to focus on the FEEL……..the thing that comes to me more naturally than the feel is the complexity.

    I’m consciously working on eliminating this attitude of mine and the progress is draggingly slow……:(

  3. Karthik said,

    June 29, 2006 at 10:47 am

    A truly creative person, on witnessing a work of art, would not bother about the complexity in executing it. A complex piece does not necesarily mean it is beautiful. When i listen to a piece of music, I think ‘ That’s beautiful’ or ‘ it appears to be manufactured’ or some such thing. I don’t think ‘this seems really hard to play’ or ‘anyone could play that’.

    Basically , i think we should learn to appreciate the beauty in any work of art, before looking(if at all) at the skill needed to execute it. Complexity is generally a matter of skill, not creativity. i’m going to write a blog on this one….:)

  4. Pritesh said,

    July 12, 2006 at 1:40 am

    Ya, I guess you two have made very valuable additions to the thought!

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