Addictions addictions

If someone would say about 6 months back that one can be addicted to blogging, I would possibly not have even believed! But then, looks like it can be true, rather it is true! I am kind of addicted to blogging! Though, off late, I’ve been picking up things as “issues” while writing. Unlike earlier when I used to write simply, my day’s experiences!

Here’s one small story I came across, can’t remember where (guess I’m reading too much these days)……

A ship drowned killing almost everyone on board but a man who happened to get to an island. He was awfully lonely in the beginning but eventually, came to terms with his Fate and learnt to live with the resources of the island. He even devised methods to entertain himself in times of excess loneliness. The island had a big mountain on it and the man looked at it longingly many times.

Many a time, he almost got ready to see what was beyond the mountain. But then, he decided against it as he was not sure whether it was wise to explore the unknown. And as a result, he never went that side. Years went by and he began to get weak. One day he fell sick and it took him days to recover from it. He decided that probably he was going to die soon. At this juncture, he decided to go to the other side of the mountain and see what was there. Now that he was going to die soon, it didn’t matter even if he left the safety of this side of the island.

He walked on for days, it was a tiring journey and he was tempted to turn back and go back to the warmth of his home. But he kept moving and when he reached the summit, he saw that on the other side, there was a thriving city! A city complete with all the comforts of life!!!! Having the most beautiful houses, most beautiful women, people earning their livelihoods, people coming back to families at the end of the day………..

And he sat down on the summit, cursing his Fate and his stupidity in not having explored that part earlier! He could also have had a life where he could live among people!!!!! And he died there, at the summit, grieving……

Now, what does the story mean? To me, it meant that often, we do not cross these mountains of reluctance! And don’t explore what’s on the other side! Without reaching the summit, we will never know what the other part of the island, OUR MIND, has!!! We are too tied up by our own limitations………our own thoughts! We don’t let our thoughts soar and fly and reach high!!!!!!

Every new exploration of an unknown territory brings with it the risk of getting lost! But what’s life without some calculated risks! I would say, like the life of that man who didn’t know there was life just next door! 🙂


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  1. fuse me said,

    April 21, 2006 at 7:22 am

    Interesting story!!!

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