The all encompassing “I”?

Hi! All,

I know this may sound rather vague to all the hard-core scientific approach fans! And I am not apologetic about thinking the way I do. It is irrational to a certain degree but every scientific person has some degree of irrationality in his/her approach and I am no exception.

This blog again stems from one of the lectures that I attended in that conference I did last Monday and Tuesday. It has to do with the concept of “I” or “me”, whichever way you prefer……

It is a very apparent thing that all the matter is made of atoms, electrons and so on (one could go on endlessly dissecting the atoms to electrons, electrons to something even smaller etc.). And since the behaviour of matter is determined by these tiny particles, all the universe is run by these! Now, come to human body. There is this something called a WILL that we exercise over ourselves. This will makes us lift our hands, run, work, sleep, eat, walk, think, love, hate……….everything. So, in a roundabout way, it’s our WILL, that is we ourselves, that determine the working of these atoms and molecules and whatever!!!!

The religious ones will say that it’s God that makes run all these things! So, if you join the two approaches, aren’t we ourselves GOD? I’m not promoting narcissism or anything!I just want ourselves to think about this at a different level. If we can not respect ourselves, can we ever respect God? Whoever said God is within you is the person I respect the most! I’m sure he/she wouldn’t have understood things in the way I am stating here but whatever his/her logic was, it sure makes sense……..

So, the first step towards respecting the God (or whoever it is one believes in as the supreme force) is respecting ourselves! There are these times when one’s down, one prays to God and hopes for a miracle!!!

In my opinion, what one actually is doing here is to exercise one’s will over one’s molecules and atoms and make them work so that the “miracles” happen! The supreme power, the “will” is acting here more than the God! So, the all encompassing “I” is the one that one needs to know and understand!

God is within, seek it in no temple, no church……… yourself, that’s the first step towards loving anyone else! And out of experience, I can tell you, the ones who don’t allow you to love yourself could never love you!!!!!!

Anyways, before I lose the strings and stray, I think the all encompassing “I” is the one that needs to be treated better than we actually treat it!




  1. February 12, 2006 at 9:35 am

    Hi Pritesh,
    You’re at the doorsteps of the empire that’s been reigning strong for thousands of years: The Hindu Spiritual experience!
    Right! Since that conference seems to have triggered storms of thoughts in your mind, all in related things, it’s time you picked up some serious stuff on Hindu, Boudhh, Tao and Zen philosophies. I’m sure that the lectures which have so inspired your thoughts, must have borrowed a lot from these schools.
    To rekindle some knowledge that you might already be having from your school times. Try to remember the first definitions of yoga. It’s the merger of the atma with the paramatma. Our ancestors have long believed that we are all parts of the God. We are Gods ourselves. The aim of life is to become one with our true self, which is all knowing, ever-joyous, all encompassing. Which issat-chit-ananda. That’s the essence of vedanta or the advaita philosophy.

    Well! I am not speaking anything original. They have been telling this for millenia. 🙂

  2. fuse me said,

    February 13, 2006 at 2:50 am

    May be you could add, love every living creature (including cockroaches) because they have an Atma and a conciousness…

  3. Pritesh said,

    February 13, 2006 at 6:19 am

    well, I guess everyone else who wants to love cockroaches can love them, “I” can’t! 😀

    And Sujju, I agree with you! The difference is that I didn’t realize the either the concept or the importance of yoga back then! I guess, the way it was taught to us was not very thought provoking….

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