Some good movies finally……….

Hi! All,

I finally did watch some good movies! After all the crap Bollywood has been creating recently, these movies were a breather. I watched Iqbal (in our good old Gymkhana) on Friday and Kalyug in a friend’s Lab on Sunday. Iqbal is a movie full of determination, perseverence, fighting against odds and winning in the end. The role of Shreyas Talpade moved me a great deal. This movie deals with overcoming one’s handicaps, no matter what! It’s more like, once you have your eyes on the goal, there’s nothing in the world that can stop you from achieving it. The concept of a deaf boy going out and making it big in the world appealed to me!!!!!!!!!

And some splendid performances by the little girl (who played Iqbal’s sister) and Naseeruddin Shah. This is a movie that gives a lot of scope for the artists to explore their abilities. All the roles in the movie are rather unusual! A deaf boy who wants to be a bowler, a sister who bunks her school adn homework to help her brother realize his dreams, a cricketer who ends up being a drunkard because he lost against the corrupt system, a mother who’s so devoted to her son’s dream that she gathers courage to stand against her husband……….all were challenging roles! Thankfully, there was apt justice done to all the roles by the respective artists. The lead role was very beautifully portrayed by Talpade.

The song from the movie “Aashayein” was not such a favourite of mine but after I watched the movie, the relevance of the song sank in!!!! The world runs on hope and the day you lose it, you lose the zest for life…..I should know!

The second movie, “Kalyug”, was totally different in its message. The movie portrays a young man who gets caught up in the Net of the big people running a thriving porn industry. The movie is not great, as such, but the story-line does set one thinking. I had no idea that the porn industry is the third largest money-mkaing business after arms and narcotics smuggling!!! A $56 bn dollar industry world-wide…………..

And the worst part is that this business thrives on human-trafficking! And almost all of it illegal……most of the women in the flesh trade are brought in either forcefully or by deceit! And once here, there is no way out. It’s a web that spins itself so tight around the women who get caught in it that it never lets them go. And the only way out is death, either at the hands of the people who are the traders of women or some disease that they catch from some “client”…………..or worde, starvation ,if they refuse to give in to the pressures!

“Kalyug” shows how rampant porn industry is in our so-called civilized world…..the lead actor becomes a victim of spy-cameras recording his honey-moon night. Instead of the culprits, the poor boy gets caught and out of shame, his wife commits suicide! I msut say, it was a difficult movie to watch without crying adn I couldn’t stop myself…..putting myself in the shoes of the victims brought tears to my eyes……and I did cry a lot.

In the movie, there was somethingt hat really made me look at things from a different angle! In one scene, Amrita Singh says (rather truimphantly and insensitively) that this industry is a DEMAND and SUPPLY industry. Till the time demand is there, supply will be there. So, till the time, people will watch blue films, blue films will be made…….I know of many many people who boast of having watched blue films! And suddenly, I was full of hatred for all the people who buy, sell, watch and store porn videos/films, including myself! I can’t say I have watched a real blue film ever but I have seen videos of celebrities in objectionable positions. I don’t know if they are morphed or whatever, but I did feel guilty of having shown curiosity for watching such thigns! In an indirect way, I felt I was contributing to the DEMAND for such things! I realize how I’d been infringing upon the privacy of someone else! The mere thought of someone else doing this to me gave me creeps!

So, I decided to discourage all my friends from watching such videos and making them aware that the fun we seek is someone else’s extremem misery! I know that it’s a very insignificant contribution but this is the least I can do! I ahve to start somewhere and here’s where I start! Pledge never to watch any such video and discourage my near and dear ones from doing so too!

I request every single one of you to take this pledge of never watching such stuff. Who knows, you may fall victim to such a thing……….




  1. January 30, 2006 at 10:23 pm

    (Oh God! Forgive me for committing the sin of writing a comment perhaps bigger than the main article itself!)

    Hm. Quite thought provoking. Porn, like many other businesses, comes wrapped in glamour. I am stating, neither boasting nor confessing, that I have viewed porn in no trivial measure. The experience is facaded behind an apparent glamour. The thing is exciting, to me and others like me, not because of porn, but the way it’s picturised.

    Well! I know, it’d be scandalising to give a discourse on the taxonomy of pornography. But really, it at least does seem that there’s something called good porn, and something called bad porn. Good porn is the one where there’s an element of artistry in the whole thing. Fitness, eroticism, and above all, atleast an apparent willingness in all parties involved. Bad porn is that which does a naked display of oppression, cheating and fettishness.

    I really feel that there must be a smooth transition between mainstream cinema to what’s called porn; there’s surely no clear ‘energy gap.’ For instance, most of our mainline hollywood actresses have gained their entry to celebrity circles through the way of movies which are atleast softly pornographic. In the scale spanning the distance between pristinely artistic movies to grossly pornographic, I feel, there’ll be found movies covering each point. The distinction between porn and no-porn is surely fuzzy.

    You may again beg to differ, but here’s a simple example. The dresses worn by actresses in films are really something we people from simple, small town, middle-class backgrounds are not in the habit of seeing ladies of our circles wearing. For us, it tends towards nakedness. And if we enjoy watching actresses (and now real-life females) in such outfits, the underlying emotion with which we do that is different from that of a porn-movie viewer, at best in the quantity of guilty indulgence that we are feeling at that time. The former feeling is in no way different from the latter in its quality.

    Again, like in many other things, one has to answer for himself, and choose a point in this line beyond which he’s not going to take.

    Perhaps, an honest criterion would be to avoid watching anything that thrives on forcefulness and exploitation of anybody. But there are pitfalls here too.

    If one takes an aggressive attitude, deciding ‘what the hell! I like it! I see it! I don’t care how it’s made!’ Surely such a person is becoming an indirect accomplice to this thriving industry of flesh-trade.

    If one takes a conservative approach, he may start feeling hypersensitive about the actors and actresses strewn insignificantly all over the screen by the name of ‘extras’ in our mainstream feature-films. They’re a horribly exploited lot, and all that which happens to porn victims happens to them too, perhaps not to such extremes though, and not so apparently.

    No! Don’t take me otherwise. I feel you resolution to spread awareness about ills of porn movies is a noble one. And I am with you. But I felt perhaps I could contribute to your mission in a little way by providing you with some more thoughts to scaffold your arguments! 🙂

  2. Pritesh said,

    January 31, 2006 at 12:32 am

    Very well written Sujju. Well, since I haven’t seen any blue movie for real, I shall go go by what others have told me.

    They think there’s an element of willingness in these movies. But when I watched Kalyug, there was this part in which a girl is hosting a porn website. And she seems more than willing (rather enjoying)…..but on being questioned probingly, she reveals the sad story about how she’s being beaten up regularly to get that out of her! So, what shows isn’t what it really is!

    True, to some extent, bad financial conditions lead to women getting into flesh trade, but I am sure the fraction of such women must be really small…..most of the porn Indistry runs on girls below 18 years of age. And their being from countries like Nepal and Bhutan only goes out to say that they weren’t brought here with any noble intentions!

    There recently were reports about an Indian woman being “available for sale” for about Rs. 1000 in cities like Dubai…….nothing can justify such inhuman ways of dealing with anyone!

    I recall one specific incident where one “teacher” in Bihar was trying to smuggle 12 girls (in the age bracket of 7-15 years) to Nepal. On being caught, these girls revealed that they were kept hungry for 6 days!

    And these girls were being taken for being “sold” to Nepal. I am not sure there could’ve been any willingness in them for landing up in a blue movie……

    I agree that artistic depiction of porn can be very satisfying. But I am not sure there’s anyone who’s trying that out of choice…..brutality in blue movies is considered a “turn on”…..rape videos are a favourite…….

    All I am trying to say is that as long as we, the people, will create demand for such violent stuff, there’ll be a supply, someone’s sister, someone’s daughter will keep falling victim to the never-ending misery of flesh trade….

  3. Sree said,

    February 5, 2006 at 11:06 pm

    hey chanced upon ur orkut profile n saw ur blog. thats realy a thought provoking post! it feels nice to see somebody as sensitive to the world around!

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